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and our Camo Backpack.


Camouflage has been unmistakably popular in the fashion world for decades. Men have been trapped by its masculinity and ease of styling.  Arguably making it the most used go-to fashion for men.


History of Camouflage

Camouflage hasnt always been used for fashion. Borrowed from nature, the military used camouflage for very practical and strategic reasons. Soldiers wear camouflage to disguise themselves and make it harder for the enemy to find them in the heat of the war.  The first practical use for camouflage was in the World War I era. The changing war tactics had urged a need for camouflage to disguise soldiers and make them hard to find against the air borne and other such long-distance warfare. Recently in the US-Afghanistan war 70,000 camouflage uniforms were made to disguise the troops within the muddy and mountainous terrains of Afghanistan.

Historically the US military has a special unit compiled of artists and designers employed to make the best and most practical use of camouflage. After all, that is the whole point of camouflage.  Adapt.  Camouflage patterns for the US military have seen various changes since then, each big war in a new territory pushing them to make it even better.

Transiting back to civilian life, this emerging need for camouflage stirred up an interest in the fashion world and guys started wearing it off the battlefield. All types of men identified with the military. This frenzy caught up like wildfire and people all over the world started wearing these camouflage prints. The urban jungle these camouflage prints made created a vibrant fashion line and men started incorporating it in T-shirts, shoes, hats, wallets, underwear and any other thing wearable.

This bulletproof design seems to have taken an unshakeable place in mens fashion industry. With the wide range of variety in patterns, colors, fabric and products, every guy is able to wear camo.



Ways to Embracing Camo in Your Wardrobe

How to kill it in camo? Most modern men are skilled at wearing camo.  In fact one of the reasons wearing camo is popular because its easily adds a freshness to your current gear and it is easy to wear.  While you cannot go wrong with camo, we still want you pull it off sensibly.    

  • Camo Backpack

When searching for a camo backpack, you certainly did not find something very modern but instead the usual army camo backpack. As you look always for more modernity and style, you want a camo backpack made with a twist to make it stylish, unique and going with your urban wardrobe.

camo backpack navy camo backpack tancamo backpack black

camo backpack redcamo backpack browncamo backpack green

In case you missed it, we re-added the description of our leather camo backpack:

Sharpen ever more your look with the new-retro style camo backpack for men by “” This lightweight, yet durable leather camo backpack for men surpasses any other camo backpack by its modernity.
Organize your everyday belongings with
 “” camo backpack. For a max protection, this leather camo backpack for guys has an inner compartment for a laptop, an inner wide pocket with zipper closure for your keys and a huge outer front pocket with a zipper closure for your i-phone and leather wallet.
 “” leather camo backpack is available for customization with up to 100 combination options. Choose traditional color combination of Tan body and Tan pocket or add a touch of color with a Black body and a Navy pocket.
Lasting and comfortable,” camo backpack is crafted from quality genuine leather. Each camo backpack is personalized for you and is handmade by a leather artisan that shows careful attention to creating your camo backpack.
Complete your bespoke wardrobe, including a
 bespoke suit, custom made shirts and custom made shoes with a “” leather camo backpack for men.
Offer a
 customized gift! “” leather camo backpack makes an excellent personalized gift for men. Perfect for any occasion, whether for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, groomsmen gifts or graduation gifts.


  •      The T-shirt

Camouflage is your best companion in the off-duty, sporty times of the day. The camo t-shirts break the routine of neutral plain t-shirts and gives a tasteful turn around to your after work wardrobe.


  •      The Shorts

Camo shorts are probably the most used camo attires out there, and for good reason too. These shorts are masculine, strong and provide endless opportunities for the spring and summer wardrobes.


  •      The Bomber

The bomber jacket is tried and tested “bad boy” gear. Your beard and favorite pair of shades makes the ultimate everyday look.

  •      Underwhat?

Yes that is right, camo underwear and socks add a touch of wardrobe fun. No, we are not talking about thermo camo long johns for hunting.


  •      Sneakers

Camouflage sneakers have been spotted around the globe. Wear them in green and khaki, black and grey or white and blue - any of these combinations will up your game. Wear these sneakers with a two piece suit or jeans for informal settings.


  •      The Pants

Camouflage pants are a fashion staple. They can be worn with almost anything, a t-shirt, a tank top, button-up shirt sneakers, shirts and well as we said practically anything. You just cannot go wrong with these pants. Punk your style and wear them with military shoes!


Style your camo

Whether you are new to experimenting with camo or if you are a seasoned expert, these style tips are on-point.

Look sharp and keep it simple. When first experimenting with camo, go easy. 

Pair your camo print with a solid color. Choose a contrast color, for example, White or Black.  My personal favorite in the summer is to rock a denim shirt with faded camo shorts. No risk. - short camo pants


Or select a solid tonal color.  A tonal color is a matching color within the print.  Select your favorite color. Complement it with a pair of white sneakers and with little effort your look is complete. Trendy, fashionable and not dull, camo t-shirts make up for a really good, - long camo pants


Be bold and turn heads by mix and matching prints.  We know in the beginning this can be hard, but ion time you will be a pro.   A quick search online can provide inspiration.


  1. Make is strong

Add extra impact with camo print in accessories.  Customize your Backpacks, Duffles bags and wallets to have camo.


  1.     Don’t go crazy

Word of Caution.  Be cautious not to over-due the use of camo all at once.

If you are new to experiment with styling, make a plan first then test. 


Modern men across the global have mastered camouflage in their everyday style.  With little risk, time and effort, along with a "" camo backpack, you can conquer camo too.