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6 Ways to Improve Conversations with Women

For all modern men.

6 Ways to Improve Conversations with Women

We have all suffered the inevitable awkward silence during conversations followed by more dreadful small talk that can turn an exciting start of a great night into a boring, self-pitying drinking marathon that ends up making us feel lonely. If you have suffered from a similar experience, and we know you have, let us help you end this misery and turn you into the best conversationalist at the bar.

Men try to approach women in the same boring fashion.  This leave them looking needy and desperate instead of intriguing. Most woman are less interested in sports, the stock market and politics than you are. They prefer men who know how to keep a conversation going and how to entertain them.  You do not need to have any special talents to make it work with women; you just need make your words count.

I bet you all are familiar with the famous Dead Poets Society quote where Robin Williams says:

Language was invented for one reason, boys - to woo women - and, in that endeavor, laziness will not do.

We are here to save you by showing 6 ways you can drastically transform your game to make your conversations meaningful and memorable.


1.    Never use a pick-up line - no pick-up lines

Women despise men who copy cheesy or totally inappropriate pick-up lines to start a conversation. I mean seriously, when was the last time you used a pick-up line and it actually worked? Unless its an original and ridiculously hilarious, just trash it into the can. They will do more harm than good.

Be unique, genuine and sincere, loose the gimmicks. 

Its urban legend that saying ‘Hi and ‘How are you this lovely evening does not work. These are appropriate if the conversation that follows is interesting. The next time you want to approach a woman at a bar or a party, think of the first thing that comes to your mind, or maybe the second thing then fake your confidence and as much enthusiasm as you can, add a big smile and approach her with witty insight to the band playing.  

Remember, its not the pick-up line or the one liner you picked up from the Internet that will make her interested in you, its your confidence, your enthusiasm and the conversation that follows.

2.    Skip the small talk - no small talk

Do not bore her with your small talk.

We have all been in the endless vicious cycle of the usual greetings and small talk when we meet strangers.  Get one thing straight guys, life is too short for pointless small talk.  The first interesting guy that comes along will be an instant distraction.  Instead, ask her a personal question, like what book they are reading at the moment or who they are voting for.  Start with a topic that will get them sharing.  Questions should not be personal on the first encounter or you might end up leaving as her therapist instead of a date.   

3.    Ask a lot of questions - question

Ask a lot of questions, but do not make it into an interview. Asking more questions means you get to know more about her, and she feels comfortable as she talks more about herself. Make sure to ask her open ended questions that keep the conversations moving. It would do you no good to ask “Do you like coffee or tea?” because she can just answer “Coffee” and the whole point of letting her open up to you is lost. Instead, ask her, “Whats the best thing you like about this city?” and it keeps the ball rolling.

Bonus Tip: Ask her opinion about something. You cant go wrong with this.

4.    Actually listen to her - listen to her

Nothing can replace this. This is the key to all conversations. Mastering this will take you places youve never been before. Ask her questions, and actually listen to her. Do not listen and keep thinking of what youre going to say next.  Indulge in the conversation, listen intently to what shes saying.  Seriously, just try it.


5.    Pay unique and bold compliments - compliments

Most compliments to women are too predictable. People do not remember what you say to them, but they remember how you made them feel. Unique, bold and thoughtful compliments make women feel special and form a positive and attractive image of you. Everyone likes a thoughtful, real compliment. If you walk up to a beautiful woman in a bar and pay her a compliment like “You are beautiful”, she wont even bat an eye. Instead, come up with something genuine and especially-tailored for her.

Do not hold back when complimenting her. You aren’t too cool or too tough to change the game and pay her a full, unrestrained, powerful compliment that energizes her whole being. For example, “I absolutely love that dimple your cheeks make when you give your radiant big smile! It makes the whole room smile with you!”  As long as she has dimple, it’s going to get you an introduction.


6.    Make Eye Contact - eyes contact

Nothing exudes power and confidence like eye contact. Girls love powerful and confident men that look them in the eyes. You must have heard this a million times though, and might be wondering why we are giving such a clichéd piece of advice. You can make everything interesting if youre making eye contact. Do not be shy. Instead, tell her stories that ignite her curiosity, keep looking into her eyes to excite her body. 


With these 6 steps making conversation with a woman will be easy.  Be unique and genuine, remain or fake confidence, while still engaging in interesting conversation.  With the right practice and bit of luck you will make the ultimate connection a Woman.

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