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A guide for festival goers


There is a lot happening during summer time and for those able to leave the pool, music festivals are a good alternative. Wherever you are, you will surely be able to find one and celebrate music like others did since Woodstock. But don’t forget a festival is also a huge gathering of different people and different styles. Question is: “Have you the style or not? While there may be no strict attire rules for what to wear, we have gathered some cool tips for you being ready for your next music festival.


1. Bandannas

Bandanas are boyishly brilliant. What make them even better? All you will need is a simple bandana that will very well cost you only a few dollars. A boost to the simplest of silhouettes, neckerchiefs are playful and can be a great opportunity to bring more color to your style. A great cherry red, cobalt blue or monochrome patterned bandana will make it. - bandana

2. Comfortable Shoes…

No need to misunderstand the word “comfortable”. Music Festival or not, shoes still need to be stylish so please be aware of what you are putting on your feet for the long day ahead. Indeed, white sneakers are perfect casual shoes and are perfect for versatility and comfort alike. However, Music Festivals usually get very messy so if it is a pair you love, just forget about them, and buy another pair instead. Boots are usually great and work quite well, in rusty browns and black colors. They will keep your feet clean and will look great with the dirt on it. On top of that, boots are also a great match with a style that may be more bohemian-inspired. Last but not least, ensure you have a pair that is super comfortable, light and will withstand all your festival expeditions. - comfy shoes

Rain never tells when it will show-up and definitely can ruin a music festival. Best is to plan ahead and anticipate the kind of weather you are going to be in for. Always check the weather forecast and make your choice accordingly. A foldable lightweight windbreaker is surely handy to have with you and will save you from carrying a heavy jacket around the music festival grounds. Not all men are willing to invest in Wellington gumboots and, in this case, should go for a pair of rubber trainers for maximum practicality and comfort. Keep in mind that conservative colors like black, navy or a great khaki will always be the best choice and will match with most of your clothing choices. - boots rain

3. Leather Backpack

A trusty leather backpack is a must for music festival endeavors. You will surely want a strong but light style, with an appropriate amount of room for your supplies. Attention here, “appropriate” does not mean big but the contrary, something efficient. You will surely want to sling it over your shoulders without having the fear of losing any of your belongings. Sometimes guys like to bring a camera, if so, make sure that you have a durable case that you can put your camera into even when it is in your backpack. Regarding the backpack colors, opt for classic tones such as black, navy, brown or light brown and with a personalized pocket. You will be able to find that here: - leather backpack 

4. Denim pants

This is the ultimate for youthful, edgy looks, denim is a must for all music “festivalaholics”. Do hesitate to invest in great denim pieces; you will wear them countlessly, from working days to your everyday casual wear. If you are not sure about what kind of wash you should buy, the usual mid-toned blue is always flattering, not to mention an awesome accompaniment with most colors. Light wash jeans are also stylish, and you will find a lot of inspiration for it in contemporary street style. Another great choice is the Black denim because it works so well with white and other bright and neutral colors. In case you are looking for something eyes catching, got for pieces like ripped denim and reinvented denim shirts and jackets. - denim pantss

5. Print Shirts

Music festivals print shirts are done in lightweight materials to avoid overheating and/or feeling like carrying the entire world on your shoulders. It also should be decorated with bold, vivid graphics. These very comfortable shirts must be loosely buttoned. Looking around, it seems that top pick for prints are floral print shirts, but you must pick florals in more grown up styles. You will surely aim for the florals that register in more mature and reinvented as opposed to lovely but kiddie Hawaiian print shirts.

6. Classic and Slogan T-shirts

You will never go wrong with a classic t-shirt especially in white, grey or black colors. A faded stripe tee can sometimes work, but keep in mind that you wish to put a bit of your personal style into your music festival wear, so try to search for unique accessories, detailed next sections, that can liven up a simple tee. Tees with bold statements or slogans are also trendy and you can adapt them easily for music festivals. - cochella tee 


7. Mirrored Sunglasses

A music festival is surely a perfect venue to experiment with colors. Worn with a simple tee, a pair of mirrored sunglasses can really distinguish your aesthetic from others. Indeed, they will also be a lifesaver while been out in the sun the entire day. There are a many different styles that work well with mirrored lenses, round sunglasses will lend a little simplicity to your festival get-up, and are a flattering choice for most face shapes.

8. Statement Hats

Hats are, like sunglasses, accessories that are both practicality and stylish. They are really great focal points for outfits and also make a statement if you are after something still simple yet bold. The obvious super easy choice is a cap. Novel caps are boyish and work great for keeping your hair, specifically if long, out of your way. A cap in a washed out denim is always a good choice as it is both versatile and classic. Brighter caps can also add a touch of color to monochrome clothing choices. If you are searching for something more special, a fedora could work as well, but choose it in a neutral color and with masculine proportions like Indiana Jones would do. - bohemian hat 

9. Bohemian Accessories

When choosing accessories, pay strong attention not to look too cliché, so it is better to interpret bohemian style accessories more subtly for your music festival style. A single bracelet or minimalist necklace will make it perfectly, especially with denim or loose shirts. Go for an inspired look that catches elements of bohemian style but reworks it for a more contemporary look.