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Life is too short to have boring hair.


The modern man knows that hairstyles can make you or break you.  No pressure!  Successful styles can propel a dudes professional career, dating chances and social life upwards.  Or worse, fail at your hairstyle and become a joke of the office, tinder or ruin your family name.

With this in mind, we reflected on a few of the sexiest hairstyles worn by celebrities that make headways throughout the world with their modern and iconic styles that will always be on-trend.


Zac Efron - zac efron 

The first name that comes to my mind is this guy.  Zac Efron uses his signature look in a variety of roles, like in his upcoming movies Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and Baywatch.  This unmistakably sophisticated side part pompadour is just right for the office, weddings, happy hour or just about anything.  You cannot go wrong with this hairstyle. Combine it with a bespoke suit and stylish grooming, girls will be all over you. We all know Zac does alright in that department.


Kit Harington - kit harighton

Long and strong, Kit Harington, most commonly known as Jon Snow from the popular HBO TV series Game of Thrones, has one of the best hairstyles for curly hair we have ever seen. He wears the cut with confidence as his body, personality and face all complement blow our mind. 

Growing long hair is an achievement that requires strength, patience and lots of hats.  Invest the time and maintenance to successfully growing long hair. 

But dont expect to achieve Kits fierce flow without your own natural curls.


Ryan Gosling - ryan gosling

Another all-round sexy but simple hairstyle worn by Ryan Goslings.  His hair is perfect for a no-muss-no-fuss hairstyle, but still while having the freedom to play with his look from time to time.  This cool hairstyle give confidences to conquer the world.


Jim Morrison - jim morrison

Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts” 
― Jim Morrison


When it comes to long hair, it can become a touchy subject. Some men absolutely love their long locks and others can never imagine themselves having their hair longer than a few inches.  It seems Jim Morrison finally learn from his mistakes.  This fearlessly trendy hairstyle is a true symbol of his free body and soul.


David Beckham - davod beckham 

Inherently British, David Beckhams hair has only slightly evolved from his famous fauxhawk.  Keeping his hair cut shorter on the side and longer on the top, this modern staple style has been praised since the early 2000s due to its mix of ruggedness and on-point sleekness.

In fact his contribution to mens hair has been greater than to soccer career.


George Clooney - george clooney

Famous for his iconic classic salt and pepper gentlemen’s hairstyle, it is easy for us to see why George Clooneys haircut will never really gone out of style.  Perfect for the business oriented guy looking for a trendy hairstyle.  Wear this cut to the office that is both workplace acceptable and looks great.

If you are looking for a more casual look, add a beard for extra personality

Simply Classy


Brad Pitt - brad pitt 

Some dudes have all the luck.  Brad Pitt is certainly one of these guys.  He has hit the jackpot, especially when it comes to hair.  Many men, and women, love his style.  We have seen him in so many different hairstyles, each one better than the last.  His recent cut Brads rocking in Fury, is rad.  The undercut was introduced in 2015 and will remain a strong trend for mens hair in 2016.  Even with this shorter cut, Brads maintains his signature dark roots mix with his blonde hair.


Johnny Depp - johnny depp

The eccentric Johnny Depp has pulled off many types of dos.  Mostly he is a guy that likes to keep his hair long and we respect that.  His sleek long hair tops the list of all his hairstyles as it never goes out of style, no matter what era you are in. 


Bob Dylan - bob dylan

Bob Dylan looked great just letting his hair natural hair be free.  One of the most iconic hairstyle ever, his cut perfectly depicts his personality and rebellious ideology.  The carefree hair is geared towards his wavy hair type which found their place on his album covers.

In an interview with Playboy, he said:

“…all this talk about long hair is just a trick. It's been thought up by men and women who look like cigars - the anti-happiness committee. They're all freeloaders and cops. You can tell who they are: They're always carrying calendars, guns or scissors. They're all trying to get into your quicksand. They think you've got something.

Although we disagree about tricky hair and despite his best efforts, his out of bed look is an unshakable part of his identity and his overall mysterious character and personality,.

Robert Redford - robert redford

The list is not complete without at least one rarity, the ginger.  Robert Redford is perfect as he is exotic, geeky, comedic, athletic, and talented.  His of combination of rugged refinement gives him a timeless look.  He has captivated us with his talent as the Great Gatsby and fascinated us with the Sundance Film Festival.

Bradley Cooper - bradley cooper

Looking for proof of the power of an insane do?  Stop at Bradley Cooper.   The proof of a sexy cut is found here.  His acting career has been dramatically changed by his do. His long, slightly curly locks enabled him to be an undercover badass in the famous comedy The Hangover, directed by Todd Phillips.  Cooper used to have short hair but for the film, Phillips asked him to grow his hair. 

As a reminder during the time investing into growing long luscious locks, stay on track.  Confidently rock the in-between phase.  Give your hair extra care and do not forego haircuts.  Continue to cut your hair.  For Bradleys in-between phase his cuts provided added of texture which eventually led him to be named by People magazine as the sexiest man alive in 2011.