History of bags

Historically bags have been carriers of secrets, signals of status and expressions of style. Strongly influenced by societal evolution, bags are the keepers of the tools of daily life and travel.

The usage of bags

Bags have been used since humans have needed to carry essential items. Egyptian hieroglyphs show men wearing bags around the waist. Bags are used in the Bible; it specifically identifies Judas Iscariot as a bag carrier.

Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries: Drawstring Pouches

In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, pockets had not been invented. To carry necessary items, men would attach drawstring pouches to their medieval garb. They would hang from the girdle on a long cord and would vary according to the fashion, status, and lifestyle of the wearer. Contents ranged from coins, rosaries, and even daggers.

Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: Times are Changing

With the invention of pockets, which at the time was leather inside their breeches, men were able to carry small items without a pouch. Pouches began evolving into signs of fashion and other functional uses.
Many aristocrats still used pouches however their function evolved to meet the demands of their contemporary times. Personal hygiene was lacking, bags called swete bagges were filled with sweet smelling herbs, spices or lavender. These pouches became increasingly sophisticated, moving from a simple drawstring design to more complex shapes and materials.
At the same time, traveling became more frequent and over longer distances.  As travelers abandoned heavy trunks, they began to wear large satchel-like leathers or cloth bags. These were worn comfortably diagonally across the body.

Eighteenth Century: The French Revolution

Rejecting the lavish fashion and spending of the French Noble, after the French Revolution slender and narrow dress became the new look. This left no room for pockets. Bags made a come back to holding and transporting all business and personal belongings.

Nineteenth Century: The Rise of the Handbag

Though pockets returned, bags were already favored.  In fact bags were experiencing a revolution.
Developments in science and industry during the nineteenth century created a vast array of styles and fabrics that could be coordinated with suits and coats. Bags were being created to complete a look.
With investments across Europe, Britain and America in trains, more and more people were traveling.  Professional luggage artisans were crafting smaller, mobile hand-carried bags. Many of the top names of todays bags got their start as luggage makers.

1900-1940s: The World Wars

During the World Wars, new bag styles were introduced to allow soldiers to carry essential equipment needed for survival as they marched from battle to battle.  The backpack or rucksack became widely used by soldiers even after World War I and II.
The great wars created a shortage of classic leather. Designers began to use new types of leathers such as ostrich, snake, crocodile and eel skins.
New industrial materials were celebrated,plastic and zippers, and were added to the differ functionality and looks of bags.
By the end of the 1940s, most of the bags used today had been invented, including the traditional briefcase, classic messenger bags, and the tote bag

1950s - 1970
s: Bag Culture

The post war economic boom of the 1950s catapulted Mens Bags into cult status. Major designers such as Vuitton, Hermes, and Berluti forged a culture where Briefcases and Wallets were turned into accessories.
Meanwhile bag shapes, colors and fabrics were influenced by young travelers journey to India.  Larger satchels and fabric shoulder bags began to be popular. As opposed to machine-made goods and army shoulder bags, handmade patchwork and embroidery bags gained popularity. While individualism expression became increasingly popular. 

1980s-1990s: Sports Bag

The concern for health and fitness, introduced a new bag function and shape. Sports bags now influenced high fashion.
In addition, technology enforced the need for organization. Bags needed separate comportments and pockets to transport calculators and filofaxes.  Work bags were progressively designed for order and control.

Twenty-First Century: Anything Goes...Even a "Man Bag"

The modern mens bags are currently made in a exciting array of styles and materials, such as leathers, waterproof canvas, space age synthetics, and faux reptile skins.
As a rejection of mass produced products concealing ones individuality, the desire for Modern Men to reflect their individuality in an exclusive, functional, quality, handmade bag that is created by the Modern Man and for the Modern Man.



A backpack is a sack carried on one's back that is secured with two straps which go over the wearers shoulders.

Backpacks for men are often referred to as a rucksack, laptop backpack, packs or packsack. In the United States backpack became the commonly used name; while in Germany the backpack is typically referred to as rucksack. Translated directly to Back Sack.

Historically, the backpack (rucksack, packs, packsack, backpacks for men) were made from leather from animal hide. The leather rucksack was used by hunters to carry game and prey but also to transport materials.

When transporting heavy loads Leather Backpacks or Leather Rucksacks are often preferred because leather backpacks provide increased weight capacity to be carried for longer periods. With the added benefit of freeing both hands and the upper body while the leather backpack sits comfortably on the back.

Leather Backpacks (leather rucksack, packs, laptop backpack, packsack, backpacks for men) fall into four categories: bodypack, frameless, external frame and internal frame.

A body pack and frameless backpack are most widely used by consumers. Backpacks, rucksack, packs, laptop backpack, packsack, backpacks for men designs range from complex multiple pockets to the simplest designs consisting of one main pocket. The addition of pockets further benefits the wearer with organization to the inner backpack, rucksack and laptop backpack.

Benefits of leather backpacks, leather rucksack, packs, laptop backpack, packsack, backpacks for men, improve a variety of lifestyles.

   These leather backpacks allow the modern man to freely carry laptops, documents, fitness gear and other essentials through out their day.

   The leather backpack enables students to transport books, laptops, tablets and small belongings to and from the dorms, class, the student center and the cafe.

   Leather backpacks for men easily travel as a substitute for luggage, bringing weekend get-away fundamentals as a carry-on for a flight, to toss in the car trunk for a road trip or for a train journey.  

The other categories of backpacks are most often used by hikers giving them extra external back support.  External and internal frame packs (backpack, leather rucksack, packsack, backpacks for men) were designed to carry heavy loads (>20 kg or 40 lb).

Backpacks (leather rucksack, packs, laptop backpack, packsack, backpacks for men) are favorites for designers to transform a functional backpack into a fashion accessory. Elevating the modern mans style with benefit of a sharp appearance and the function of freeing hands, carrying increased capacity and improving organization.




A briefcase (leather briefcase, briefcase for men) is a narrow box-shaped bag or case equipped with a handle. Most regularly used for carrying laptops, documents and small personal belongings. 

The briefcase contributes its name and initial success to lawyers. They frequently use the briefcase (leather briefcase, briefcase for men) to bring briefs to present to a court.  However briefcases are not restricted to use by lawyers. Entrepreneurs, Agents, Consultants, Sales Reps, Directors, Managers and other professionals use leather briefcases to carry laptop computers, business documents and other effects.

Briefcase (leather briefcase, briefcase for men) consist of three categories:

       A folio case is the most widely referenced briefcase (leather briefcase, briefcase for men) with a handle.

       A portfolio is a handleless briefcase (leather briefcase, briefcase for men) for carrying in the hand or under the arm.

       An attaché case is a box-style briefcase made of hard-sides, complete with a hinged frame opening into two compartments.




Duffle Bag

A leather duffle bag, often referred to as duffle bags, leather holdall, mens holdall, gym bag, gym bags, travels bags or sports bag, is a large cylindrical leather bag carried by the wearer with a single secure strap.

The duffle bag originates from Duffel, Belgium, where the thick cloth used to make the first bags originated. Gaining status Post WWII, the Australian and California surfers created a subculture around the canvas, drawstring version of the duffle bag for men containing beach towel, swim trunks and other paraphernalia to contribute to their fun in the sun.

More recently, a leather duffle bag (duffle bags, gym bag, gym bags, travels bags, sports bag, holdall, mens holdall) typically refers to the specific style of bag, though the phrase may also be used to refer to any large rectangular holdall. Modern duffle bags add pockets and compartments to provide quick access and managing smaller items.

The leather duffle bag (duffle bags, gym bag, gym bags, travels bags, sports bag, leather holdall, mens holdall) is often used to tote sports gear and as a substitute for luggage. For days requiring more equipment to navigate life, the duffle bag makes the perfect companion. With ease the leather duffle bag contains a laptop, documents, fitness shoes, workout close, a towel and small belongings.  



Laptop Bag

Laptop bags, frequently called Laptop bags, laptop cases, laptop case, computer bags or laptop backpacks. Laptop bags are made to zip around your laptop and prevent cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents.

Leather laptop bags are an evolution of the leather briefcase folio case (see briefcase for further description). Adjusted for contemporary use, the briefcase folio case adds a protective compartment to carry laptops or tablets.

Laptop and tablet users, which are all of us, heavily rely on their laptop bag (Laptop bags, laptop cases, laptop case, computer bags, laptop backpacks) allowing wearers to commute these valuable items everywhere they go. 

Due to laptop bags high frequency of use, the modern man has a variety of laptop bags that are changed often. Providing this freedom, laptop bags (laptop bag, laptop cases, laptop case, computer bags, laptop backpacks) come in a wide variety of sizes and styles with attractive leathers.



Messenger Bag

A leather messenger bag, regularly called carryalls or slingbag.  Leather messenger bags   (messenger bags, messenger bag, messenger bags for men) are a type of bag worn over ones shoulder with a strap reaching across the chest as the bag rests on the lower back. 

Often used by couriers, the leather messenger bag (messenger bags, messenger bag, messenger bags for men) traditionally incorporate features making them suitable for cycling. Now the messenger bag is also an urban fashion icon.  It is common to use a leather messenger bag for commute on the subway or metro and yes, still on the bike.


While the everyday messenger bag is available from many designers and offered in a variety of leathers and colors, the basic concept is consistent. Messenger bags remain easy to use with its easy accessible large compartment, additional pockets and adjustable strap; all allowing easy access to contents.

Professionals, Freelancers and College students alike appreciate the comfort and accessibility to the messengers bags. Similar in function to backpacks, the messenger bag (messenger bags, messenger bag, messenger bags for men) ensures comfort when carrying heavy items. Compared to a backpack, it is easier to place and remove laptops, text-books, notebooks, documents and other supplies then from a messenger bag because the opening is larger, granting the wearer more accessibility.

Messenger bags (messenger bag, messenger bags for men) are not only for city commuters. Gain insight into the city lifestyle where fashion meets function, the leather messenger bag can be carried to work, on weekend trips and even to the gym. 

Tote Bag

A tote bag (tote bags, leather tote, leather tote bags) is a large and often unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from its sides.

The term tote bag (tote bags, leather tote, leather tote bags) or tate, meaning "to carry", can be traced back to the 17th century. Part of mainstream culture, the tote bag is a progressive means to transport belongings.

The leather tote bag has a simple construction. Leather used to create the tote bag (tote bags, leather tote, leather tote bags) is made from sturdy leather.

   The leather tote bag permits students to transport laptops, tablets books and belongings from class, to the student center, to the cafe and back home.

   Leather tote bags for men make excellent substitutes to luggage due to its vast compartment, easy to carry handles and sturdy leather construction.




A wallet (travel wallet, wallet for men, wallets for men, slim wallet) is a small, flat case that is used to contain and move essential personal items including cash, credit cards, identification documents, business cards and many other necessary and even unnecessary items.

During 19th century,  in addition to containing money or currency, a wallet (travel wallet, wallet for men, wallets for men, slim wallet) was also used to transport dried meat and an array of secret treasures. The modern modern bi-fold or wallet (travel wallet, wallet for men, wallets for men, slim wallet) has evolved to fit present needs of todays man.

The main function of a wallet (travel wallet, wallet for men, wallets for men, slim wallet) is to contain small items together, in an organized fashion. The wallet generally has multiple "card slots" for credit cards, personal identification, office pass, business cards and cash.

Leather wallets for men are highly personalized to fit their lifestyles. Each man has a preference for the length, depth, shape amount of compartments needed to satisfy for every occasion. A wallet is needed for everyday use but also evening use. 

Use and wearability of wallets for men (travel wallet, wallet for men, wallets for menslim wallet) are major deciding factors to the shape and size each man prefers.  Unlike during the early Industrial Era when Americans wore one's wallet on their belt, wallets for men are worn inside pants of jackets pockets. Thus making the leather wallet intimately close to the wearer.

It is also common for men to transport their wallets within other bags; such as leather backpacks, leather briefcase, leather duffle bags, leather laptop case, leather messenger bags and leather tote bags.