Leather Types

Self-Made Bags provides a wide variety of leather options to maximize your design potential.  These leathers are offered in assorted appearances and textures to create many individual styles of leather bags.

These leathers can be handcrafted into many types of products including large bags such as briefcase, duffle bags, tote bags and messenger bags and smaller to carry your laptop, keys and credit cards.
Self-Made Bags currently only uses leather from Cow. These leathers are either calfskin or cowhide.

However, there are many types of leathers used; each with their own characteristics:

          CALFSKIN is made from the hide of young cattle. It is soft, smooth and flexible allowing it to be crafted into many types of products. Due to its strength and malleability it is often used in duffle bags, tote bags, laptop bags, travel wallets, key chain, duffle bag.

          COWHIDE is from a full-grown animal and produces a grained leather, commonly used in casual handbags. (Often used in briefcase, travel bags, tote bags, laptop cases, laptop backpack, laptop bags, wallets for men, messenger bags, leather rucksack, packsack, duffle bag, duffle bags, overnight bag and gym bag).

          KIP, also know as steerhide, is the skin from an older animal.  It is strong! Due to its strength, it is stiff and is not typically used to make into products such as a briefcase, tote bag, laptop case, laptop backpack, laptop bag, duffle bag, messenger bag or gym bag.

          PIGSKIN is very soft, supple and quite durable. It is one of the most popular leathers used for suedes and has a follicle pattern where the hair has been removed. Pigskin skin is often used in tote bags, backpacks and wallets.

           SHEEP AND LAMBSKIN are both light, fine-grained leather.  These leather skins offer great flexibility however are less durable than other stronger skins.  These skins can be strengthened with reinforcement of another material. They can be used in briefcase, duffle bag, duffle bags, wallets for men, tote bags, laptop backpack, laptop bags, messenger bag or gym bags.

           REPTILE SKIN used in handbags come from various types of snakes, turtles and lizards. They are distinguished from other types of leathers because of the elaborate patterns and textures created by the scales. Reptile skins are a challenge to craft because the scales damage easily. The appearance of Reptile Skins are worth extra care!  It is often used in briefcase, wallets for men, laptop bags, duffle bags, messenger bag and travel bags.

           CROCODILE is highly exotic, fashionable and expensive. Its very strong, supple and durable. In order to prevent crocodiles from becoming endangered, most skins now come from farm-raised crocodiles. Crocodile skins are used in many types of products including a briefcase, travel bag, computer bag, tote bag, laptop case, laptop backpack, laptop bag, duffel bag, messenger bag, leather rucksack, duffle bag, overnight bag, gym bag, packsack and even found in wallets for men and keychain.

           OSTRICH SKIN is a naturally water-resistant, durable and supple leather known for its distinct quilll follicle patterns. Due to its distinguished look, it is often used in briefcase, travel bags, computer bags, tote bags, laptop cases, laptop backpack, laptop bags, duffel bags, leather rucksack, packsacks, overnight bags, gym bags and messenger bag for men).

           OTHER EXOTIC SKINS: EELSKIN & FISH SKIN: Often used in wallets for men, tote bag, messenger bags, travel bags, briefcase, duffel bag, laptop bag, duffle bag, duffle bags, tote bags and keychains.