Maintain your leather bag

Leather deserves good care.

Just as you are a unique individual, so is each piece of leather used to craft your bag. Just as you require grooming, so does your leather

Each skin used to create your bag will reacts differently to its environment.  Your bags evolution depends on how it is used, how frequently it is used and how it is stored.  Its leather even reacts to finger marks, oxidation and pollution. 

Since each leather skin is constantly evolving, maintenance your bag is important to the appearance and life of your bag. 

Step 1: Practice Good Hygiene
-  DO NOT ignore your leather bag.
-  DO love your leather bag by treating it to leather treatments, including wax, balm or oil. Since all treatments have different effects, first only test a small corner. 
-  DO NOT set your leather bag on the floor, wet surfaces or a kitchen counter.  You do not know what has been there!
-  DO practice caution on where you place your bag to avoid unnecessary abrasions and marks.

Step 2: Remove stains as soon as you notice them. 
-  DO NOT dismiss organic stains from food or blood. They can often be removed with chalk powder.
-  DO crush white chalk, place of the stain and let it sit on the stain overnight.  Finally dust it off with a clean cloth.

Step 3: Maintain Maintenance
-   DO NOT store your leather bag in the bottom of a closet. Leather is hygroscopic and will absorb excess moisture which causes mold and mildew.
-   DO find a dark, dry, cool area with good air circulation for storage.  Avoid heat, direct sunlight, attics and basements.
-   DO NOT store your leather bag in plastic bags. Always use breathable fabric duster bags.
-   DO use the protective storage bag Self-Made Bags provided with your purchase.  It will help to protect them from dust and control moisture damage.
-   DO NOT store your leather bag in contact with other items. This is a serious problem with patent leather especially. If dye transfer occurs it often cannot be fixed.
-   DO purchase multiple leather bags from Self-Made Bags and store them separately in their own individual protective storage bag provided with each of your Self-Made Bags.