Craftsmanship is the blood that runs through the veins and straight to the heart of Self-Made Bags.

In a standardized and mass-producing world, the benefits of globalized economies and harmonized fashion has faded the value of art in crafting leather bags. Nevertheless, a handful of workshops filled with talented leather artisans still exist.  Their heart continues to beat from the flow of creativity.
Based in the city of Shanghai, our partner artisans have a long history of crafting leather bags for prestigious luxury brands.

Self-Made Bags leather tools for bag   

With Self-Made Bags, these artisans are able to fulfill their passion by creating unique, exciting pieces. Together we are able to access to genuine quality leathers from all over the world, design modern, functional products with cutting edge ideas and provide detail attention to premium quality standards.

Authenticity is how our workshop partners create customized leather bags. Self-Made Bags are handmade at all stages of the production process; cutting, stitching and dyeing.  The artisans toolkit are crucial to crafting quality bags. Tools such as crew punches, awls, stitch punches, groovers, a variety of knives bring dreams of masterpieces to life.

By breaking the rules of conformity our partner artisan workshops create the perfect rhythm for Self-Made Bags.

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