About Self-Made Bags

Self-Made Bags was born from the simple idea that everybody is a designer, from the rejection of the boring fashion and from the desire for uniqueness.

Self-Made Bags gives access to inner designers all over the world, as an alternative to luxury and mass markets brands with high quality, unique made-to-order products.
The brand has a uniquely international perspective and heritage.  Self-Made Bags was born in Shanghai.  It is inspired from many of the worlds great cities including  New York, Paris, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Tokyo as well as other of the world’s most beautiful locations found in Bali, Hawaii, St. Tropez andThailand.

The founders of Self-Made Bags are Nicole and Jerome, respectively from US and France.  They are partners in life and at work. Motivated by great ideas are everywhere and design is a personal matter. They believe in great craftsmanship, innovation and an individuals capacity to create his own style.
Self-Made Bags is the realization of their dream.  Unique, customized leather bags made-to-order, inspired by timeless designs, crafted by leather artisans with unexpected fashionable leathers and made by individualized designers from all of the world.

About Self-Made Bags