For natural leather, perfection comes from imperfections.

Self-Made Bags shares the common belief of expressing individualism.  Just as you are unique, so is the leather skin used to craft Self-Made Bags.

As you age and develop, also the leather skins matures and evolve.

Self-Made Bags use only genuine leatherThe natural features of leather, such as tonal variations, marks or veins, make each bag an individual masterpiece.  Over time, each bags leather will mature differently.

The leather skin’s evolution process depends on you.  The gradual change of the leather’s appearance is effected by its environment, how it is used, how frequently it is used and how it is stored and how it is treated

Your natural oils & finger marks will darken colors and undertones overtime.

See Leather Maintenance section for further tips to keep your Self-Made Bags in the best appearance.

Self-Made Bags leather evolution                  Self-Made Bags leather evolution after 
Before                              After